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Godox SZ300R – Zoomable RGB LED Light Bi-Color


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Saabub müügile JUULI 2023.

SZ300R is a zoomable RGBWW COB light that enables effortless mastery of light focus and spread, and boasts and expansive palette of innumerous colors. Whether you´re a videographer crafting amazing works or a creative photographer chasing the attractive shot, it is a versatile light easily achieving your pop up ideas.

With the ability to adjust beam angle from 20 to 65 degrees, SZ300R easily focuses and spreads light for a perfect balance of brightness and shadow, saving the trouble to constantly adjust light position for a desired result. Upgrade your lighting game and unleash your creatve potential with the Zoomable LED light, SZ300R.

Using color modes like CCT, HSI, GEL, and RGB, you can manipulate a vast spectrum of colors and set an eye-catching space with ease.

The color temperature ranges from 2500K to 10000K, offering a wide spectrum of warmth and coolness options. Whether you prefer a warm ambiance or an invigorating one, it provides the versatility to achieve your desired mood.