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Manfrotto Expan Set metal chain 046MC


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Manfrotto taustafoonide kinnituste komplekt koos metall ketiga 046MC.
Taustapaberi rulli hoidjad.

Efficient Expan background drive set for one roll. Inserts intο the background roll fast. Supports up to 10kg. Can adjust without lowering the support stands. Comes complete with metal chain.

The ideal drive set for studio work. Setting your background is a easy and simple thanks to the expertly designed Expan Set. Dependable and convenient, this set will help you work fast, for great results with the minimum amount of fuss every time. Its intuitive features enable you to control you background paper roll with absolute ease, speeding your sessions up and creating a polished, clean space.

Made to work effectively and stand the test of time, this set is made from lightweight aluminium alloy. Not only does this make it a manageable addition to your kit, it also means that it´s tough, durable and strong enough to withstand heavy use. Although it weighs just 2kg, it can support up to 10kg, and it comes with a black metal chain, giving you everything you need in one package.

The metal chain enables you to quickly and safely adjust the height of your background without having to lower the support stands, saving you precious time while you work. It’s compatible enough to use with tubes measuring up to 80mm and expands from 46mm to 78mm, so you have a whole range of creative possibilities within reach. Simply slot in the roll you need, and you´ll be good to go, hassle free and with complete professionalism.