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Godox Silicone Softbox AK-R22


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Godox Silicone Softbox AK-R22 for AD100PRO, AD200PRO (with H200R), V1.

Designed specially to benefit Godox round head flash users, AK-R22 is a portable collapsible light modifier that offers even soft effect and increased illuminated surface. Featuring variable shapes, it adds to the fun on softening your light.

Even Soft Glow
Perfect shape design grants a smooth even softening, as well as an increased illuminating area that holds you subject seem under natural light.

Variable Light effects
The diffusion dome structure helps it possibly maintained at three positions, which can be considered as, three different light modifying angles. Try the changeable light light qualities, and find you style that distinguishes your work from others.

Load Free
The extend the portable experience that Godox round head flashes features such as AD100PRO, AD200PRO (with H200R) and V1, AK-R22 is engineered in just fine size and makes it load free on flashes.
Specially designed for round flash heads.
Even soft glow
Larger illumination surface
Variable lighting effects

AD200PRO (with H200R)


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