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Godox SA-17 Bowens LED projection


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Godox SA-17 Bowens Mount to S30 Mount Adapter.

This Godox adapter for Bowens-mount LED lights to Projection Attachment, with its solid construction, allows you to use Godox SA-P Projection attachment with any of your Bowens-mount LED Lights for achieving a greater degree of control with your light.

The adapter allows COB Bowens-mount LED lights users to release their boundless creativity by matching with SA-P projection attachment to achieve their desired effects. For users who already own S30 focusing light, now they can go beyond S30 and use the adapter to serve for a broader range of Bowens-mount LED lights. Equipped with built-in optical lens, the adapter provides excellent optical performance, asurring light output that´s even from edge to edge.

Since other accessories of Godox S30 are compatible with SA-P projection attachment, via SA-17 adapter, you now have the access to the following light shaping accessories and accomplish the precision lighting and creative light effect with your own Bownes-mount lights.

Giving the ability to project a controlled light beam, with three options of the aspheric optical lens.The projection attachment with lens is an optical modifier that allows the light to project a de-focused soft circle or a focused hard circle of light.


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