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Godox Projection Attachment for Flashes AK-R21


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Suitable for round and Fresnel heads
It is the perfect combination of simplicity and capability. The AK-R21 is designed with two types of mounting rings to connect both round and normal Fresnel heads. So it is compatible with AD200Pro (round head and Fresnel head), AD100Pro, V1 and almost all camera flash units of all brands.
Be it portrait photography, product photography or any other genre, the AK-R21 always offers inspiration. Creativity awaits, unlock your imagination.

Note: When use on fresnel head flash(AD200Pro/V860III,V860II, TT685, TT685II,V850III), you need to purchase square head adapter Godox AK-R25 separately.

The projector rotates 360° when attached to flash units. This allows you to adjust the projection angle to the right angle much more easily and efficiently.
The mounting ring is also carefully marked with degree figures, giving you a visible and measurable guide to adjust the projection precisely.

Hold and hide
Designed with a universal 1/4″ mount on the adapters, you can attach the projector directly to the light stand or with the flash. For camera flash, attaching the projector directly to the light stand will fix the light angle stably and avoid downward tilt caused by weight. A range of supporting accessories is the perfect choice to hold and conceal the AK-R21.

Special lenses with optional focal length
The projector comes with a ready-to-use kit consisting of the projector, a dedicated 65mm lens and a transparency kit. The lenses are precision-built to eliminate centre-to-edge colour aberrations. Whatever you project, it casts explicit shapes and vivid images as if it came to life. Apart from the included 65mm lens, there are two optional 50mm and 83mm focal length lenses to choose from.

* For better results, it is recommended to keep the focal length of the flash above 80mm.

Modifier Type: Snoot
Mounting method: Clip-On
Suitable for round and Fresnel heads
Universal 1/4″ mounting
360° rotatable
Dimensions: H: 79.0 x W: 76.0 x L: 121.0 mm (open)
Weight: 182 g
2-year warranty

In the box
1x Projection Attachment for Flash Head
1x 65mm lens
1x Adapter Holder for Round Flash Head
1x Slide Box
1x Demo Slide
1x Storage Bag


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