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Elinchrom ONE


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Off-Camera Flash. Always be ready when inspiration strikes with the supremely compact and lightweight Elinchrom ONE. With only 1.5 kg, the ONE merges 131Ws of capacity with features including an integrated Li-ion battery, USB-C Active Charging, TTL, HSS, and a streamlined touch interface into a low profile housing. A portable, rugged and dependable off-camera flash equipped for your next adventure. Wherever that will be.

Keep a low profile. Add the versatility of an off-camera flash with light shaping capabilities. Similar in size and weight (1.5kg/3.3 lbs) to a 70-200mm lens, the ONE is ready to travel with you anywhere and everywhere.

Brave the elements. Capable of producing 725 full-power flashes on a single charge, the ONE is ready for longer shoots. The Li-Ion battery is sealed for enhanced protection from the elements while on location.

Never lose momentum. With Active Charging, the ONE can be connected to any power source and continue shooting while charging regardless of the battery’s power level, keeping your workflow uninterrupted.

Navigate swiftly. With a touchscreen and quick menu interface, experience streamlined access to the ONE’s settings to ensure you never miss a chance to capture the moment.

Four times the power of a Speedlight.