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PMI SmokeGENIE Event Kit


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Ideal for large-scale productions, SmokeGENIE Event Kit includes three portаble smoke machines and all necessary accessories to create stunning special effects. Perfect for major film productions, photography studios and rentals.

Experience and utilise the full potential of the SmokeGENIE with the professional package. This package includes all the accessories you will need to get each and every effect that the SmokeGENIE is able to create.

Versatility all-in-one

SmokeGENIE is able to generate multiple types of smoke, including: Dense Fog, atmospheric Haze, liquid smoke that behaves like dry-ice, steam-like jet pulses, stationery clouds, etc. Thanks to its versatility, SmokeGENIE is the ideal choice for creating unique and customized special effects.

Quality cinematic haze

SmokeGENIE offers high-quality smoke and fog, just like the ones used in movies and TV productions. SmokeGENIE’s smoke is dense, even, and long-lasting, creating stunning special effects for any kind of event.

It creates smoke in impossible places

Thanks to its size and different SmokeGENIE modes, it allows for precise placement of smoke, allowing you to decide exactly where you want to create the special effect. This feature allows for special effects that were previously impossible to achieve.

Food Safe certified smoke formula

The smoke formula is certified for food safety, with primary ingredients that are commonly found in cosmetic and skin care products. SmokeGENIE smoke is not only safe for food, but also has a much more pleasant odor compared to traditional smoke machines, allowing models/artists to perform at their best without distractions.

Replacable battery system

SmokeGENIE uses two standard 18650 lithium batteries (NOT INCLUDED) with integrated fast USB-C charging (~3 hours). Thanks to its ability to use easily replaceable standard batteries, SmokeGENIE is always ready for use with instant ignition when the batteries are inserted.

In the box

3x SmokeGENIE Theatrical Fog Generator
Magic Remote (one remote to control all 3 SmokeGENIEs)
SmokeGENIE Trident Docking
6x Atomizing Smoke Chamber
2x 120ml of Smoke Formula Refill
3x RC Haze Fan + Fan Dock
3x Jet Tip Nozzle
3x Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
3x Liquid Smoke Nozzle
SMC Tubing Kit
Power Extension Cable
18650 Battery Charger (fits 6 Batteries)
3x Battery case (NO Battery Included)
3x USB-C Charging Cable
3x 1/4″ mount adapter
1x Protective Hard Case