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PMI 100ml Cloud Formula


Laos (saab järeltellida)



100ml Cloud Formula Liquid Refill for SmokeGENIE & NINJA.

Liquid Refill for SmokeGENIE & NINJA Generates 200-240 minutes of total spray time on default power mode using the SmokeGENIE.

Duration: A 100 ml bottle provides up to 30 hours of fog on setting 1 and approximately 2 hours on setting 3.

Capsule Refilling: The capsule, available separately, holds 9 ml of the fog fluid, lasting around 15 minutes per fill.

Ingredients: Made from food-safe vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, this eco-friendly fog fluid is suitable for indoor use by both humans and animals.

Safety Certifications: The fluid has a 100% SAFE certification from SGS. Additionally, the fog generation systems, including the machines and fluid, are whitelisted by the Actor’s Equity Association USA.

Package Contents:
100 ml Cloud Formula