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Ulanzi AS-045 Quick Release Octagonal Softbox With Grid 45cm Bowens


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Create a round light beam with soft edges. The Ulanzi AS-045 Quick Release Octagonal Softbox With Grid 45 cm Bowens is designed to set up and fold down quickly. The softbox delivers a round light beam with soft edges that is great for portrait and fashion photography.

Easy setup and quick to set up
High quality and durability
Adjustаble light direction
Easy installation and quick set up
The innovative quick release structure allows for effortless installation and removal in just 15 seconds. Ulanzi´s parabolic softbox weighs only 790 grams and comes with a storage bag, making it ideal for photographers who are often on the go.

Adjustаble light direction. Supports one to three layers of diffusers, inner baffle, front diffuser and Grid to provide a variety of lighting effects. The removable inner diffuser and outer diffuser soften light and reduce exposure by 2.1 stops. A fabric grid is included to reduce the beam angle and control unwanted light.

High quality and durability. The stainless steel bracket provides exceptional strength and durability to the softbox, ensuring long-term use without distortion. It offers enhanced contrast and tactile feel, while the reversible deflector element eliminates a hot spot in the center.

Compatible with lamps with Bowens mounts. The Ulanzi Softbox is compatible with GODOX M200D/M300D, Aputure LS 60d/x / LS C120d II/ Amaran 100 200dx/Amaran COB 60d/60x, and ordinary studio lamps; Suitаble for photography speedlites, strobes and etc.

Product weight: 709 g
Softbox opening: Φ 45 cm
External diffusion size: Φ 42 cm
Internal diffusion size: Φ 33,5 cm
Honeycomb size: Φ 43 cm
Material: Oxford cloth, aluminum alloy

In the box:
1 x Ulanzi AS-045 Quick Release Octagonal Softbox With Grid 45cm Bowens
1 x Carry Bag
1 x User Manual
1 x Internal Diffusion
1 x External Diffusion
1 x Honeycomb Grid


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