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SMALLRIG 3585 RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox with bowens mount


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RA-D55 parabolic softbox, with a diameter of 55cm, a depth of 37cm and a small body, is versatile, lightweight and portаble to use and can create a 3D light effect.

SmallRig 3585 RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox

Innovative quick release disk structure
Adopt new generation of buckle structural design,you just gently lifting and pressing the buckle to finish the installation and disassemble.

Even and ideal soft light
With highly reflective coating + high-performance Oxford fabric double design, our softboxes are light-tight for a more uniform diffuse light and the natural transition of light effects.
The outer layer is sturdy, durable, dustproof and slightly waterproof.
The inner layer is smooth, with even light, original color temperature and CRI.

Innovative external rib design
The revolutionary design of the external ribs is to ensure that the inner is smooth, reduce light loss and achieve a brighter and softer light effect, as well as to avoid rib displacement and puncture of traditional inside ribs.
With 16 military-grade high-temperature resistant steel ribs, lighter, tougher and more elastic than ordinary stainless ribs and 3 times easier to install, it can withstand tens of thousands of pressures without deformation.
It has 3D and spherical illuminating surface and thoughtful silicone hand guard design prevents hand rubbing during disassembly.

Fabric diffusion and grid
With two strong and highly transparent softlight cloths and a 45° high-quality fabric honeycomb grid coming with the softbox, you can freely create a more delicate and textured soft light effect, to meet the needs of a variety of scenes.

Standard Bowens mount
The softbox adopts a Bowens mount, is fully compatible with various accessories with the Bowens mount on the market, and provides more lighting possibilities.

Cylinder pouch for easy storage
The softbox will come with a cylinder storage pouch having an open top for easy storage.

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