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Puluz Studio Softbox 50x70cm Tripod LED Bulb 4


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The studio set from Puluz is the perfect photography studio equipment. The product will also be a good choice for photography enthusiasts or novices. The PU5071EU is suitable for taking studio portraits, still life shots, children photo shooting, etc. The carrying bag will keep the contents of the set safely stored.

The set includes a 50 x 70 cm softbox made of high quality fabric with silver foil along with a nylon white screen that softens hard light and eliminates shadows. In addition, the softbox can be quickly and easily unfolded and folded, and its storage is also not problematic.

The tripod is made of the highest quality aluminum with a ¼ screw mount on top, making it durable. The adjustable height from 54 cm to 2 m provides freedom of use. In addition, the lighting angle of the softbox can be adjusted to 270°, providing adequate light from multiple angles. This allows everyone to adjust it to suit their photography needs.

Four 20W LED bulbs with a standard E27 socket are also included. The bulbs are energy efficient, so you don´t have to worry about higher electricity bills. The 5700K color temperature provides pure, white and uniform daylight ensuring excellent illumination.

Packing list:
Tripod stand
E27 LED light bulb x4
50 x 70 cm softbox with bulb socket
Carrying bag