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NANLITE Lantern Softbox LT-FZ60 with the globe design, they are the ideal for creating soft and even light, perfect option for light up the entire shooting environment. 270 degree lighting that spreads the even soft lights in all directions.
With lantern softbox to raise the ambient illumination level and make the detail more abundant. Ideal lighting accessory for the portrait, commercial videography, film and so on.

• Soft Even Light
• Compatible with Bowens Mount Light(LT-FZ60 with Bowens Mount Ring)
• Easy to Setup
• Portаble Carrying Bag
• Omni-directional Light
• Skirt to Control Lighting Beam Spread

Soft Even and Omni-directional Light

Nanlite Lantern Softbox with the globe shaped for omni-directional lighting for small, medium and large areas. 270 degree of lighting to raise the ambient illumination, creates the soft even lighting effect, perfect for portraits, commercial photography and videography.

Standard Bowens Mount

For LT-FZ60, it is not only can mount on the Forza 60, we designed the Bowens Mount Ring for it, making the LT-FZ60 not limited suitаble for the Forza 60, it also compatible with other Standard Bowens Mount lights.

Skirt set to Control the Light Beam Spread

Nanlite Lantern Softbox come with the skirt set, it made of the durable materials and can helpful to control the beam spread.

Forza 60 with LT-FZ60: 1m-620 lux/58fc, 2m-207 lux/19fc, 3m-110 lux/10fc

LT-FZ60: 20.8 x 6.5 x 79.8cm

LT-FZ60: 1.69 lb/ 0.77 kg

What´s in the Box

Nanlite Lantern Softbox x 1pc
Skirt x 2pcs
Carrying Bag x 1pc
Bowen Mount Ring x 1pc (only for LT-FZ60)