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Godox P90H – Octa parabolic softbox 90cm


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Godox P90H Parabolic softbox Bowens Mount P90H. The Godox P90H Deep Parabolic softbox has a diameter of 90 centimetres and a depth of 69.4 centimetres. With this softbox you create an even and very soft light with a smooth transition to shadows. Ideal for portraits! The softbox comes with a speedring for Bowens flash units.

Difference between the P90L and the P90H. Where the P90L is equipped with fiberglass ribs, the P90H is equipped with metal ribs. Together with the heat resistant cloth this ensures that the softbox has a working temperature of up to 85 degrees Celsius.

Easy and reliable. The easy to set up Godox P90H softbox has a durable and reliable design. High quality materials such as strong glass fibre ribs have been used. The P90H softbox weighs 2.043 kilograms.

Diameter of 90 centimetres
Depth of 69.4 centimetres
Resistant to high temperatures
Working temperature up to 85 Celsius
Create even and very soft light
Soft transition to the shadows
Baleens made of metal
Durable and reliable design
Easy to set up
Weighs 2,043 kilograms

In the box
Outer diffuser
Inner diffuser
Reflective lining
Bowens speed ring
Carrying case


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