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Godox Lantern Softbox for Livestreaming CS-85T


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The ideal soft lighting source for small spaces. The CS-T series softbox with a shallower depth offer exceptional versatility in compact settings, emitting soft and uniform lighting in all directions. They are perfect for live streaming and video recordings.

The diffuser is securely fastened to the frame with Velcro tape, keeping the umbrella ribs in place, enabling the softbox to expand and collapse in just one second, greatly enhancing workflow efficiency.

The sperical Lantern excels in emitting soft, uniform light in all directions, making it versatile for both confined and open spaces. Its wide 270 degrees beam angle is well-suited for a range of videos shooting activities, including video recording and live streaming.

Achieve precise light control with the detachable skirt, easily attachable to the Lantern, allowing you to eliminate unwanted bouncing light by rolling it up or down. Skirt CS-85T-S is optional (not included to this product).

With the Bowens mount, the lantern is fully compatible with a wide range of Bowens mount flashes and continuous lights, including the Godox SL, UL, VL series, and more.