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Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head


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Godox releases the ADS200 Stick Flash Head, a useful addition to the most adaptаble AD200 flash system, with a distinctive cylindrical-like appearance. This 64 cm long transparent flash tube, which is made to operate with the AD200/AD200Pro pocket flashes, will enable you to produce a distinctive appearance in the studio or on location. The stick´s comfortаble handling allows it to be used in both small and large spaces, enabling a broad 360° beam spread. Additionally, it is designed to guarantee consistent and even lighting in a wide variety of settings.

A New Dimension to Explore. The most versatile flash system AD200/AD200Pro now brings you more with the unprecedented stick flash head AD-S200. Delivered through a 360° transparent flash tube, the cylindrical light source is perfect to light up the shooting space, eliminate shadows, and reveal details, while also maintaining the impact created by the bare tube. As the most compact stick flash, it’s handy and easy to fit into any tight space. The AD-S200 offers one more brilliant lighting solution with your AD200/AD200Pro.

360° Spread of Light. The AD-S200 features a 360° transparent light tube design, offering flawless coverage of light that fills every corner in complex settings such as cars, dressing rooms, and more. Moreover, harnessing its distinctive cylindrical lighting characteristic, the light wraps around your subject evenly, producing a soft and natural illuminance even without an additional modifier.

Direct Light Source. Delivering light directly from the stick flash without any diffusion, the AD-S200 brings out vivid colors, clear textile, and intricate details in photography, elevating your work to a whole new level.

Compact Design. With compact and versatile design, the AD-S200 can be hidden in any tight space and discreetly integrated with the setting. You can still achieve an ideal lighting effect in even the most confined spaces.

Accurate Color Temperature. Driven by the exceptional performance of AD200/AD200Pro, the AD-S200 maintains a consistent color temperature throughout its power range. Whether you’re working with a single light or a multi-light setup, this remarkable tool faithfully reproduces precise color temperatures, enabling you to achieve superior standards more efficiently.

Controllable Light Range. The AD-S200 kit includes a metal barn door for easy control of the light range from 180° to various narrower angles. The flexibility of the barn doors allows for more precise light blocking with a clear edge and range.

Considerate Lighting Solution. The premium handle of the AD-S200 is well-designed for comfortаble handheld use during on location shots. It also features a standard thread at the bottom of the handle for mounting on a light stand, offering infinite ways to create in the studio or on location.

Explore Infinite Ways to Create. The AD-S200 Stick Flash Head is more than just an additional option. It brings new possibilities for experimentation, experience, and improvement to the AD200Pro system. Elevate your photography to a whole new level with the AD-S200.

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