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Godox VC26 USB charger for VB26 battery


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Godox VC26 charger for VB26 battery (V1, V860III, MF-R76 and AD100Pro). USB Charger Godox VC26Replacement USB charger Godox VC26 for Li-Ion battery VB26 (7,2V / 2600mAh) Suitable for TTL Li-ion Round Head Flash Godox V1 Charging time: 3,5 Stunden Without charging cable Type

Have you lost your battery charger or do you need a spare? The Godox VC26 is the replacement for the Godox V1 and AD100 Pro charger.

The Godox VC26 USB Charger for V1 Battery is connected to your computer for charging via a separate USB cable that´s provided in the basic V1 and AD100 Pro package.

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