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Godox VB26B battery for V1 and V860III


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Godox VB26B aku V1 ja V860III välkudele (2980 mAh 21.45 Wh) sobib nii Quadralite kui ka Godox V1 välkudele

Lithium-ion battery designed for Godox V1S / V1C / V1N / V1F / V1O / V1P flash units. The battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and a constant voltage of 7.2 V. The long-lasting design allows for multiple charging. Can be used as a backup battery for Godox V1 flash.

Power reserve
The Godox VB26B battery is very useful as an additional battery in the event that the battery supplied with the lamp does not provide enough flashes during the session.

Technical data:
– Compatible models: Godox flash V1S / V1C / V1N / V1F / V1O / V1P
– Capacity: 2980 mAh 21.45 Wh
– Voltage: 7.2V