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UGREEN X763 Nexode Pro USB-A 3 USB-C 160W GaN Tech Fast Charger


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The biggest charger in the Nexode Pro series is the 160W version, which offers three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. It can charge Apple´s most powerful MacBook Pro models halfway in a half hour, which not even Apple´s own chargers can do. It´s expensive and large, but may be worth it for power users.

Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W. A do-it-all charger that can power everything from phones to Pro laptops. The flagship charger is the Nexode Pro 160W, which is the one that really changed my charging habits. The power adapter´s specs mean that your main device (a laptop, most likely) can receive 140W of power. In practice, I was able to get my 13-inch MacBook Air to charge from six percent to 50% in just 26 minutes. After that, from 50% to 75% in another 20 minutes. This was all while I was heavily using my laptop for photo editing, writing, and web browsing. Considering how great the battery life of my laptop is, a 20-minute charge resulted in hours of extra battery life.

You might be familiar with how wireless earbuds have a fast-charge feature that can give you an hour of battery in a few minutes of charging. This is the equivalent of that for laptops, and it scales up, too. The company says a 16-inch MacBook Pro can charge halfway in 30 minutes. More importantly, since it has four total ports, the Ugreen Nexode Pro 160W was all I needed to charge while traveling.

4-in-1 160W Smart Charging: Fast charge 4 devices simultaneously with intelligent power distribution.
140W PD 3.1 Super Fast Charging: USB C1 port delivers 140W, charging MacBook Pro 16´´ 0-50% in 27 mins.
Intelligent GaNInfinity Chip: Faster, more efficient charging with less heat in a compact design.
Superior Compatibility: Supports various devices, including MacBook, Dell, HP, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, and more.
Comprehensive Protection: Intelligent chips safeguard against short circuits, over-voltage, over-temperature, and over current.