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HÄHNEL Trio Charger Sony L-series NPF


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously 3x multicolour LED charge indicator. Compact design with no compromise on charging performance. Powerful 60W AC/DC adapter with interchangeable plugs (EU/UK plugs included). Central venting system to dissipate any.

HL-XL581 (NP-F530/F550/F570)
HL-XL781 (NP-F750/F770)
HL-XL982 PRO (NP-F950/F960/F970/F990)

The 60W AC/DC adapter is slightly larger than normal, but this gives that additional power meaning that the charge time is the same whether you are charging 1 or 3 batteries.

The triocharger packaging is 100% plastic-free. Cardboard is the main component of the pack and we use soy ink and clear water soluable varnish. this mean that the whole pack is also biodegradable.