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Meross GS559AH Smart Smoke Alarm HomeKit


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The intelligent and precise smoke detector will take care of your and your family´s safety. When the alarm detects smoke, it will automatically sound a warning tone. If, on the other hand, you are using several alarms at the same time, all you need to do is let one of them catch smoke and all the available devices will activate. In addition to smoke detection, it can also detect overheating, and thanks to its compatibility with the HUB, available for purchase separately, you can combine the device into a single system. A dedicated Meross app or Apple Home app allows you to control the sensors and receive alerts in case of an emergency.

The sensor is CE EN14604 worthy, making it a fully safe tool for you and your family. The volume level is 85dB, which will not cause hearing damage. In addition, if you have more alarms and only one of them detects smoke, the rest will also sound. You will also be notified of the threat through the app.

You don´t have to worry about the sensor draining quickly. The entire device requires only 2 AA batteries, which are readily available in case you need to replace them. The only thing the sensor requires from you is a memory to know when you last replaced the batteries. A spare set is included.

The device uses special apps – Meross or Apple Home. With the help of which, you can control up to 16-devices, set triggers to control other Meross devices, or receive alerts when an emergency happens. The hardware is compatible with SmartThings and works with Apple HomeKit. You can also combine the device into a single system thanks to the available HUB, which allows you to connect 16 devices simultaneously. This will give you control and security over your entire home.

That´s not the end of the GS559AH´s advantages, the device will also detect overheating and effectively inform you about it. When the temperature exceeds 54 – 70 ℃, the Meross smoke detector will trigger an alarm signal. You will not be threatened by anything!

2 × expansion bolt
2 × AA 1.5 V batteries
power adapter
USB cable
smart hub