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Hollyland Wireless Tally System-4 Lights


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Hollyland Wireless Tally System is a highly compatible Tally device with multiple ports and a powerful sequence learning function. With its long battery life and over 800m transmission range, it provides a stable and prolonged shooting experience. The system utilizes adaptive frequency hopping technology and supports up to 16 Tally channels, significantly enhancing work efficiency.

Key Features

Wide Compatibility
Sequence Learning
8-Hour Duration Detachable Battery
2,600ft (800m) Stable Transmission
Compact & Portable
Seamless Adaptive Frequency Hopping
Up to 16 Channels Supported
Wide Compatibility with Various Switchers

Hollyland Tally System offers multiple port options, including DB25, RJ45, and USB-C, to support the connection to various switchers.

Hollyland Wireless Tally System is for:

BMD, SONY, Roland, Datavideo, Panasonic, vMix, DeviceWell

Simplify Your Setup with Sequence Learning

By utilizing the powerful sequence learning function of the system, you can easily connect any switcher that outputs voltage-level signals to the system using a standard Tally cable, achieving higher switcher compatibility.

Adaptive Frequency Hopping for Seamless Shooting

With the adaptive frequency hopping feature, this Wireless Tally system can detect the interference in complicated scenarios, and hop to the channel with less interference to ensure stable signal transmission.

Ultra-Long 800m Stable Transmission

With a stable transmission capability over a line of sight range of 800 meters, this Wireless Tally System can meet your needs for shooting in long-distance scenarios.

Up to 16 Channels Supported

The wireless Tally box supports up to 16 channels. This allows for easy expansion or reduction in the number of Tally lights to accommodate projects of varying scales or complexities.

*The DB25 port supports a maximum of 12 channels of dual-color Tally, while the RJ45 port can support up to 16 channels of dual-color Tally.

Non-stop Shooting

8-Hour Duration Detachable Battery

A single battery provides a life of over 8 hours, surpassing the working duration requirements for most usage scenarios. Even if the Tally device runs low on battery during operation, you can immediately replace it to ensure uninterrupted usage.

The batteries are compatible with the Hollyland wireless intercom systems, Solidcom C1 and Solidcom C1 Pro. Allows you to use the devices with greater convenience, without the need to purchase or carry additional battery packs.

Compact & Portable

Extremely lightweight, the Tally lights only weigh 98.5g.