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Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM500


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM500 is a condenser microphone, which is ideal for recording voice, interviews, conference calls, vocals, instruments, podcasts and more. The BY-PM500 is highly functional and has the following two recording characteristics:

– Cardioid: sounds from the front are recorded; sounds from other sides are ignored. Suitable for recording dialogues, podcasts and speeches, for example.
– Omnidirectional: sounds from all sides are recorded evenly. Suitable for vivid, natural recording of e.g. voice sounds, conversations and surroundings.

The studio microphone is compatible with Windows and MacOS, thanks to the included usb-a and usb-c cable. Most other devices with a USB-C port, including smartphones and tablets, are also suitable for use with the PM-500. With software of your choice, such as Audacity or Audition, you can easily make sound recordings and save them directly. The connected device also provides power to the microphone. So you don´t need any batteries.