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Godox VD-Mic Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone


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Godox VD-Mic is a compact and lightweight directional microphone, offering excellent sound quality to your recording.

Perfect choice for filmmakers, on-camera presenters, news gatherers, vloggers , live-streaming and more.

The durable aluminum body design utilizing a cardioid polar pattern to reduce distracting noise. It has an extended frequency response and high sensitivity, reproducing every detail of sound.

The Rycote shockmount prevents unwanted vibration noise effectively. The artificial fur windshield helps to reduce wind noise and popping sound at outdoor sceneries.

With standard 3.5mm TRS /TRRS output cables, the VD-Mic can connect to most cameras, smartphones, tablets, recorders & more. The simple plug and record design (no battery required) offers instant recording.

In set

VD-Mic Shotgun Microphone
Artificial fur windshield
Foam shield
3.5mm Jack TRS Audio Cable
3.5mm Jack TRRS Audio Cable
Rycote hot-shoe Mount