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Vallerret Milford Fleece Glove L


Laos (saab järeltellida)



FOR THE WET AND WINDY DAYS The Milford Fleece Glove and Shell is a 2-in-1 photography glove solution, keeping you warm and protected against the elements with the Polartec® Windstop® fleece and a 10K ripstop Shell.

When the weather turns stormy, the Shell can be pulled from the back of the Milford Fleece Glove and slipped on over the top.

Not all winters are created equal, the Milford is the solution for your mild yet stormy winter photography.

Suited for Every-Day Use in Mild Winter.

Tri Flip-Tech: Fold back finger caps on the Index, middle, and thumb providing instant acess to all your dials. Can be held back by tucking underneath the elastic strips.

Polartec® Windbloc® Fleece: Provides maximum weather protection from wind, water, and cold conditions. Polartec’s unique polyurethane membrane holds strong against the harshest elements, while still allowing moisture vapor to permeate outside.

Non-Slip Grip Palm Print: Our uniquely printed grippy palm print, provides stress free camera control. Artwork inspired by an image from Nico Babbot, taken in the iconic Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Touch Screen Ready: Conductive PU on index and thumb for that easy to use touch screen capability.

Pocket for Shell Glove.

Shell Glove: Made from 10K water-repellent rip-stop with DWR coating and a laminated membrane.