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Foxydry Pro 120 electric drying rack


Laos (saab järeltellida)



More beautiful. More functional. Discover the integrated heating system of Foxydry Pro.
Foxydry Pro is the electric drying rack that can be installed on ceilings or walls saving up to 2 square meters space.
It is controlled via remote. It stops automatically in case of obstacles in its path. It can hold up to 35 kg of laundry
It is equipped with a LED panel that ensures an excellent light quality. Foxydry Pro is also equipped with 2 ventilation fans that emit room temperature air and warm air: the heating system will speed up the drying even in the coldest days. It has 2 double pipes that extend by 40 cm on each side, where you can hang bulky items such as bed sheets, jackets, tablecloths and blankets (maximum length 2 meters). It has 18/24 positions to hang jackets and shirts with hangers. Foxydry Pro is built entirely in Steel and Anodized Aluminum, to ensure resistance and durability over time
Made in Italy Product.

Volume: L 122 X W 57 X H 30 cm
Max length of frame for bed sheets: 202 cm
Total length for hanging: 10,5 meters
Maximum descent from the ceiling: 180 cm

Hot air ventilation system: 750 w
Cold air ventilation system: 44 w
Lighting: 16 w
Movement: 130 w

The long-lasting battle that you have been carrying out for years against Mr Mould is coming to an end, and you’re the winner!

The two fans that Foxydry Pro is equipped with will help you defeat your enemy. Your laundry will dry in no time, thanks to hot air recycling.

End of the story, Mr Mould will be forced to retreat.

Since installing Foxydry Pro, your stress will disappear leaving a great sense of mental and physical serenity.

You will finally be able to abandon your workouts with the traditional drying rack. Admit it, moving it from one part of the house to another wasn´t your favorite sport, was it?

The remote control does all the dirty work, lifting up to 35 kg of laundry with just one click, without any sign of fatigue… leaving you to enjoy the extra space!

Finally, you’ll be able to use your creativity for other purposes, because you no longer have to work hard to hang your sheets on the drying rack to prevent them from touching the ground.

Luckily, Foxydry Pro is equipped with 2 long tubes, extending up to 200-240 cm, designed specifically for the most bulky items. You can also stop it at the most convenient height for you!