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Insta360 Flow Creator kit Grey


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Transform your smartphone into a content creation tool with Insta360 Flow. With 3-axis stabilization, best-in-class subject tracking, plus a built-in selfie stick and tripod, easily capture incredible footage with your smartphone.

Capture on the go. Elevate your smartphone into a content creation tool with Insta360 Flow, the AI tracking smartphone stabilizer. Just unfold it once and go—no need to untwist or even press the power button.

Take it anywhere. Just take your phone and Flow on the go. No other gear needed. Flow folds up compactly to easily fit into your bag, so you can capture life´s best moments on the fly.

3-AXIS STABILIZATION. Professional-level stabilization. Your phone footage has never looked so smooth. Flow´s 3-axis gimbal stabilization cancels out the shakes in your footage, from dawn to dusk.

DEEP TRACK 3.0. Next-gen subject tracking. Years of research and development has brought our AI tracking algorithm to new heights, keeping subjects in frame and in focus with unmatched tracking accuracy and flexibility.

More versatile. Slow Motion Tracking. Level up your slow motion shots. Flow can keep tracking even at high frame rates. *Compatibility varies by phone mode.
Zoom Tracking. Get more cinematic shots. Even when zoomed in, Flow can track your subject, and automatically adjust settings for more stable shots.

More accurate. Person Re-Identification. Ѕelect a person and Deep Track 3.0 will stay locked on throughout the recording, even if they´re blocked from view. All-Angle Tracking.

Smarter subject recovery. Even when your subject moves out of frame, Flow will keep tracking it by zooming out or following the direction it´s moving.

Full control for shot perfection.
AUTO: A unique, beginner-friendly mode that automatically adjusts gimbal settings based on the situation. Guaranteed shake-free shots!
FOLLOW: Responds closely to your movements for more precise control Great for shooting vertically from a view to a subject.
PAN FOLLOW: Perfect for shooting horizontally or around a subject, Pan Follow opens up a bunch of creative shooting options.
FPV: Take full control and simulate FPV drone-like movements, backed up by gimbal stabilization.

The total package for unlimited creative possibilities.
Creator Kit includes 1x Insta360 Flow, 1x Spotlight, 1x Magnetic Phone Clamp, 1x Grip Cover, 1x Carry Bag, 1x Type-C to A Charge Cable, 1x Type-C to C Cable, 1x Type-C to Lightning Phone Cable.