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PolarPro Filter ND 2-5 PolarPro Variable Peter McKinnon MIST Edition II for 82mm lenses


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Create even more interesting shots even in difficult lighting conditions. Designed for 82mm lenses, PolarPro´s 2-5 stop ND filter is the first on the market to perfectly combine VND and diffusion while eliminating cross polarization issues. An improved design with a haptic mechanism allows you to conveniently change your preferred settings, and special Defender360™ caps protect the product from damage.

Looking for an easy way to create even more beautiful shots? The new Mist II edition filters certainly won´t let you down! They are the first accessories of their kind that successfully combine VND and diffuse effects, giving you full control over the light and giving your images a delicate, creative touch. They also make bright areas of your images more subtle and individual subjects clearer. They also provide crisp contrast and natural colors.

The PolarPro Mist II edition filter is great for commercial projects. It will be perfect for shooting documentaries, short forms, and even music videos. It will also avoid the problem of cross polarization and vignetting at focal lengths up to 16mm, allowing you to eliminate any imperfections and guarantee excellent results.

What are 2-5 stop ND filters useful for? They are fantastic for example when creating shots that require precise control over the shutter. They will also allow you to slightly tone down the sharpness of digital photographs, giving them a subtle, ethereal character. You can use them to create excellent quality images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Freely adjust the filter stages and take photos perfectly in line with your vision without any hindrance. The product features a completely new and improved design and uses a state-of-the-art haptic mechanism to allow you to quickly change the values without taking your eyes off the shot. Now all it takes is a slight movement to adjust the effects to your expectations!

You no longer have to worry about damaging the filter too quickly. The product has been equipped with improved Defender360™ caps, which provide it with protection over its entire surface. A waterproof and dustproof seal is also responsible for its reliable protection. All this means that you can also conveniently store and transport the filter. Using both caps, you can safely pack it in your backpack or bag. If you want, use just one of them and leave it on your camera lens.

ND filter 2-5 stop
Defender360™ protective caps