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GOMATIC Peter McKinnon Accessory Hip Belt/waist straps


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The Gomatic McKinnon Accessory Hip Belt is an essential accessory if you´re planning on taking the trail less traveled or climbing over rough and rocky terrain with the trail far behind you.

Designed to fit their 35L McKinnon camera pack, the belt feeds into a pass through on the back panel and provides stability during strenuous activity by eliminating sway and keeping the bag securely against your body. It has an adjustable length to accommodate a wide variety of users or if you wear it over bulky clothes. The back is padded for comfort and the belt has a simple quick release buckle.

Key Features
Essential Accessory for Trail Hiking
Quick Release Buckle
Padded for Comfort
Adjustable Length
In the Box

Gomatic McKinnon Accessory Hip Belt
Limited Lifetime Warranty