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Sonoff S26 R2 TPF-DE nutipistik


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Convert an ordinary outlet in your home into a smart outlet with the Sonoff S26R2TPF-DE socket. Now you can conveniently control connected devices with apps or voice commands, create work schedules and smart scenes for them. The product is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings and Alice. It also allows you to group devices together. The outlet can withstand a heavy load of up to 16A, allowing you to connect more demanding appliances to it, such as a heater or slow cooker.

You no longer have to worry if you forget to turn off an appliance before you leave the house. The S26R2TPF-DE socket allows you to remotely control connected appliances using the eWeLink app. Now you can run the air conditioner or turn off the lights from anywhere – for example, at work, in a restaurant or on vacation. You can also control and adjust the status of your devices. Using this function, you can easily take care of safety in your home and save electricity.

Your family and friends can also enjoy convenient control of their plugged-in devices. You can share ѕelected devices with them in the app. If you have more people living in your house, this feature will surely come in handy! Now your roommates will also be able to remotely turn on and off devices, check their status and create schedules for them!

Have your hands busy while cooking? Are you comfortably lying in bed and do not feel like getting up to turn off the light? You no longer have to move from your seat or even reach for your smartphone! The Sonoff S26R2TPF-DE smart socket works with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Alice. Now all it takes is a few well-chosen words to turn on an electric pan, brew coffee, turn on a light or turn off the heating.

With Sonoff, managing your smart home becomes easier and more convenient than ever before. S26R2TPF-DE socket supports grouping of devices. You no longer need to control each device separately – just create a group to control several of them simultaneously and synchronize their operation! With one click, you can turn off the lights in the whole house or turn on the kitchen lamp and the coffee maker. The possibilities are truly immense!

You no longer have to waste time and energy doing some of your daily activities. Socket allows you to create smart scenes and schedules. Make the coffee maker brew coffee at 7:00 a.m. and the water heater turn on at 6:00 p.m. Or, for example, pair the S26R2TPF-DE with a motion sensor (not included) and set it to automatically turn on the light when someone enters the room. Try out the possibilities and create a smart home that feels good to live in!

Do you want to be able to check what is going on in your home while you are, for example, at work or on vacation? The Sonoff S26R2TPF-DE smart socket will let you do it! You can simply connect a camera to it, thanks to which you can check the situation in your apartment at any time. Check what your beloved pet is doing, find out if anyone unwanted has entered the house and be sure that nothing disturbing is happening.