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Laos (saab järeltellida)



ZHIYUN Smooth Q3. Driven by the fascinating art and the advanced intelligent interaction, Smooth Q3 announces a comeback of a classic, offering a smarter experience in shooting. With SMOOTH-Q3, a smartphone is all you need to make a great work of art with amazing effects.

Key Features
Compact sliding design 3-axis mobile stabilizer
Build-in LED fill light, 3 level brightness, 180 degree horizontally rotatable
One button portrait mode
Live streaming enabled for all platforms via the app
Fascinating effects in the companion app: Multiple “You”, subject tracking, gesture control, panorama, time lapse, motion lapse, Dolly Zoom, etc..
Easy video editing in the app: amazing templates, music, special effects and filters.

Key specifications
New compact design
Better grip, single hand control
Better payload
Easy to fold
Creative templates
Extra light (340g)