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SHOKZ OpenFit Black


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Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds (Black)

OpenFit continues the Shokz open-ear concept to let users enjoy all-day comfort and hear their own soundtrack while staying open to the world around them. OpenFit offers an ultra-lightweight, open-ear construction to hear both your own audio and every sound around you with crystal clarity. DirectPitch™ technology produces a full audio experience to immerse yourself in your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks. A flexible ear hook design combines stability and comfort. Moments are precious, and OpenFit gives you the freedom to hear every one of them.

Every Sound, Uncovered

OpenFit continues the Shokz open-ear concept with a compact earbud design. OpenFit is built around the ear, leaving the inner ear open to keep you engaged with the world.

Feel Nothing but Comfort

The ear cushion core is engineered with a dual-layered liquid silicone that gives a pliable fit for every ear shape while avoiding discomfort from even extended wear. Spend a whole day of engaged conversation and musical feasts in total contoured comfort.

Made for Every Ear

A dolphin arc ear hook design with a built-in 0.7mm ultra-fine flexible memory wire provides an ergonomic fit that can gently adapt to your natural ear shape.

Go Unnoticed

Optimizing the design and material of open-ear earbuds, OpenFit is compact and light, weighing just 8.3 grams. The earbuds and battery compartment provide a perfect balance that makes you forget you’re even wearing them.

Bright Highs and Deep Lows DirectPitch Technology

Shokz introduces DirectPitchTM, a brand-new audio experience made for OpenFit. It allows for premium audio quality that perfectly balances bold highs, clear mids, and surging bass.

A Live Concert Just for You Low-Frequency Enhancement Algorithm

For a true audio experience, Shokz OpenBassTM is a proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm to carry low frequency vibrations directly toward your ear without covering it. Dynamic Range Control dynamically adjusts the EQ in real-time, providing a rich and natural listening experience under any volume. The Shokz app provides for preset EQ modes as well as customization, giving you a private concert on the go.

Acoustic Excellence Customized Dynamic Drivers

OpenFit features a powerful 18 11mm customized dynamic driver unit built with an ultra-light composite diaphragm crafted from carbon fiber and a polymer surround. The inner dome-shaped cap is made of a high-strength, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that is 20 times stronger than steel, directing every acoustic vibration with incredible accuracy. The polymer surround amplifies the intensity of the diaphragm’s vibrations, delivering an immersive audio experience with deep bass notes.

Fit and Secure

To achieve a shape that provides a secure fit for different ear shapes,8 the Shokz Lab scanned a vast array of human ear data from all over the world. The ergonomic and flexible ear hook perfectly wraps around different curves of ears, providing a soft and secure grip. The split design between the earbud and battery balances the weight of the whole system, providing comfort and stability. Feel free to walk, run, and even jump, and OpenFit stays in place.

As if You Were Here AI Call Noise Cancellation

OpenFit uses AI Call Noise Cancellation technology to ensure call quality. This technology is tested and proven in common noisy call settings – such as stations and intersections – filtering out up to 99.7% of ambient noise.4 During a call, OpenFit captures the subtleties of the human voice in even noisy environments, placing the dual microphones at a prime position to form the most effective Adaptive Beamforming effect, enhancing noise cancellation. Hear and be heard loud and clear. According to the results of simulation experiments conducted by Shokz Lab for the intersection scene, AI noise cancellation can provide a maximum of 50dB signal-to-noise ratio improvement, which is equivalent to a 99.7% reduction of ambient noise, when the sound pressure level at the artificial head is 65-72dB(A).

Always On…And We Mean it, Up to 28 Hours of Listening

OpenFit provides up to 7 hours of listening on a single full charge. The protective charging case extends the earbuds to 28 hours of literal all-day listening. For those on the run, a quick 5-minute charge gives one hour of battery life.5 Never wait for the perfect time again.

Up to 7 hours of battery life with a single charge
Up to 28 hours total listening time with the charging case
A quick 5-minute charge provides 1 hour of listening time
Easy Control, Right on the Bud

Audio playback and calls can be controlled directly on the built-in touchpads, truly freeing your hands without additional phone operation. The touchpads take double-tap and press-and-hold controls and more customized control through the Shokz app.

IP54 Water Resistance

OpenFit features IP54 water resistance and is designed with a double-layer waterproof steel mesh and gauze for additional protection and enhanced sound performance.6 During your sweatiest of workout sessions, keep enjoying your music or audiobook worry-free.

Technical Specifications:
Speaker type: Air conduction transduer
Frequency response: 50Hz-16kHz
Speaker sensitivity: 95.5 dB±2.5dB
Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB ±1dB
Bluetooth®: version Bluetooth 5.2
Compatible profiles: A2DP,AVRCP,HSP,HFP

Earbuds : PC , Silicone
Charging case: PC
Charge voltage: 5V±5%
Frequency band: 2402MHz-2480MHz
Wireless range: 33ft (10m)
Battery: Li-Polymer battery

Continuous play:
OpenFit: Up to 7 hours of listening time with a single charge
OpenFit with Charging Case: Up to 28 hours of listening time
Standby time: Up to 10 days

Charge time:
Charge the earbuds with the charging case: 60 minutes;
Empty case with charging cable: 120 minutes
Quick charge A 5-minute charge gives 1 hour of battery life (music)

Earbuds: 8.3g ± 0.2g
Charging case: 57g ± 1g
Total weight: 73.85g ± 1g
Sweat resistance Earbuds : IP54
Charging case: Not waterproof
Battery capacity Earbuds: 58mAh (Min)
Charging case: 600mAh (Min)
Audio codecs supported: AAC SBC