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Blitzwolf BW-SLT2 monitori lamp RGB must


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Monitor light bar by Blitzwolf. The monitor lamp from Blitzwolf is a product that is sure to impress any gamer. This lamp is able to increase the level of concentration when working on the computer. It features a dual light source, three levels of color, and an asymmetric optical that does not shine directly into the screen distracting the player from gameplay.

LED Color: 2900-6000K + RGB
Brightness: 400lm
Size: 450x104x34,5mm

Double lighting. With 28 RGB bulbs on the back, the lamp offers up to 2 dynamic effects. The light illuminating the monitor consists of 80 LED beads and its brightness can be changed from 10 to 100%.

Vivid colors. Experience the game even more with the vibrant and dynamic RGB. The lamp will offer you an unforgettаble experience, further illuminating the space directly behind you. Match the RGB light to your set or room.

Adjustаble light temperature. Create the perfect atmosphere by setting the light temperature to whatever you desire. A color rendering index of over 97 ensures safety for your eyes.

The specially designed lens casts light at a 25 degree angle. Its proper arrangement eliminates the unpleasant reflection of light from the screen thus not shining into the eyes.


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