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Polaroid NOW Plus Gen 2 WHITE


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An analog instant camera that easily connects to your smartphone and boosts your creativity.

The new improved design on Polaroid Now+ boasts the core features such as autofocus, dynamic flash, and self-timer, but now comes with a tripod mount to steady your ideas. The ultimate creative collaborator.

The new Polaroid Now+ is packed with several new exciting features – one of the new features is the ability to connect the camera to smartphone and the new upgraded Polaroid App. Just open the app and choose between features such as light painting, double exposure, manual mode, and more. The upgraded app also includes two new features—aperture priority and tripod mode.

The Polaroid Now+ comes with a lens filter kit which includes five physical filters to snap onto the camera lens. Saturate your photos in color, deepen contrast, or add new effects with experimental filters, like starburst, red vignette, and orange, blue, and yellow filters. The lens filter kit even comes with a carrying case for safekeeping.

A standout feature for the camera is its accurate flash, which takes the lighting conditions into consideration, allowing for great results in lower lighting situations – even when you’re not using the flash. Polaroid Now also boasts a long lasting battery life – with the power to shoot 15 packs of film – making it the perfect accessory for any adventure.


Easy to use- easy to connect to your smartphone
Tripod mount
Comes in three stylish colors – black, white and calm blue
Double exposure
High quality lens for best-ever quality polaroids from as close as 0.4m to infinity
An accurate and powerful built-in flash
Works with new i-Type and classic 600 film
Long-life battery with easy USB-charging
Self-Timer so you can be in the shot.