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SMALLRIG 3738 Cage Kit For Nikon Z9


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Designed to provide the handheld solution, accessory attachment, and protection for the camera, and particularly during low-angle shooting, ease burdens on the arm and assist in camera movements. The kit comes with a Cage for Nikon Z9 (3195) and an ARRI Top Handle (2165) and maintains access to buttons, holes, card slots, battery door, and flip screen after installation.

SmallRig 3738 Cage Kit For Nikon Z9

The cage is locked via a 1/4´´-20 screw at the bottom, locating pin and the shoulder strap ring on the right side.

The top handle is ergonomically designed to increase comfort and allows quick assembly and disassembly.

Built-in mounting points are fully compatible with the SmallRig accessory system.

Featuring 1/4´´-20 threaded holes and ARRI 3/8″-16 locating holes for SmallRig Side Handle 2093 or 2426 for side handheld shooting and camera movements, and ARRI 3/8″-16 locating hole on the top of the handle for Monitor Mount 2903 and a cold shoe mount for microphones, LED lights.

Arca quick release plate on the bottom of the cage fits directly on to a tripod for tripod shooting.

Two 1/4´´-20 threaded holes at the bottom of the front, support SmallRig Rod Clamp 942 for attach 15mm rail support system to attach lens support, follow focus, matte box, etc.

Besides, comes with protective cushions inside to prevent scratches and provides a built-in magnetic spanner for easy access.

Compatibility: Nikon Z9

Please remove the shoulder strap ring on the right side before attaching the cage.
The cage is not compatible with Nikon WR-R11 remote controller.
Package Includes:
1 x Cage 3195
8 x M3 Screw
1 x Top Handle 2165