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64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro microSDXC 200/90 MBs UHS-I U3


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SANDISK EXTREME PRO microSDXC 64GB 200/90 MB/s UHS-I U3 memory card (SDSQXCU-064G-GN6MA)

Enjoy lightning-fast data transfer with the SanDisk memory card. The product reads files at up to 200 MB/s and writes at 90 MB/s. The 64GB capacity allows you to store more data, and the A2 performance class is responsible for faster application performance. In addition, you can record videos in 4K UHD and Full HD quality without unnecessary interruptions.

The SanDisk memory card allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 200 MB/s, so you won´t have to wait long for your files to transfer. On the other hand, you´ll save them at speeds as fast as 90 MB/s. What´s more, optimization for application use positively affects the speed of applications, which translates into a greater user experience.

The GN6MA is distinguished by its rugged design. The memory card is resistant to shock, water and extreme temperatures, as well as X-rays. So you can take it on vacation without worrying about damage. What´s more, it works with Android smartphones, sports cameras and drones.