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Carlinkit TBOX-Plus 4+64GB wireless adapter


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Do you often travel by car? Do you want to increase the comfort of your ride? With Carlinkit it will be possible! This adapter will make it even easier to control your vehicle, because with it you will be able to use CarPlay or Android Auto systems wirelessly! What´s more, it´s also equipped with micro SD card and nano SIM card slots, which means it will allow you to make calls freely. In addition, it allows you to download unlimited apps, including the most popular ones like YouTube and Netflix. Enjoy a pleasant ride with Carlinkit!

Turn your CarPlay and Android Auto into a wireless pleasure! Forget about tangled cables, thanks to the TBOX-Plus. What´s more, it works with Android 13.0, so you can easily watch movies, read books, listen to music, use navigation or play games while using it! Your location will always be up-to-date, and using GPS, more enjoyable.

The Carlinkit TBOX-Plus adapter was created with comfort in mind, so it allows you to download unlimited apps, including those with popular movies and TV series. What´s more, while listening to music, you no longer have to give up using your GPS, because with Carlinkit you can use split-screen! In addition, you can operate it from the steering wheel, and with CarPlay it supports voice assistant. These features make using the TBOX-Plus even more convenient!

Carlinkit´s product stands out for its thoughtful design, as it is equipped with Qualcomm´s original 8-core processor, which guarantees fast operation. What´s more, you don´t have to worry about running out of free space, as the adapter uses 4GB RAM + 64GB built-in memory. It also supports 2G/3G/4G network, making it easy for you to make phone calls. TBOX-Plus has wide compatibility with CarPlay cars, and has a small size (79.8 × 79.8 × 14.7 mm), making it easier to transport and store.

Don´t be afraid of complicated installation, because using the TBOX-Plus is very easy. It starts its work as soon as it is connected to the USB port. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth technology, and what´s more, it also has the ability to use SD or SIM cards. All this makes it more convenient to use.

In the set:
wireless adapter
user manual (EN)
USB-A to USB-C cable
USB-C to USB-C cable