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Godox V1 Pro Flash for Fuji


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V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash. Innovation Meets Limitless Potential.

Up to 100 Continuous Shots At Full Power. Dive into a world of boundless creativity with the Godox V1Pro, a flash that redefines what´s possible in photography. Breaking free from constraints of thermal protection, the V1Pro supports staggering consecutive flashes of up to a hundred times at full power, ensuring your creativity run wild without missing any thrilling moment.

Innovative External Flash SU-1. Godox pioneers the revolutionary detachable fill light component SU-1, allowing one V1Pro to seamlessly serve as both the bounce flash and fill light. Versatile and agile, it responds quickly in dynamic shoots. The detachable design also offers you a more lightweight solution when needed.

Modern Charging Convenience. Charge up at ease with the choice of Type-C or the original VC26 charger. Embrace on-the-go photography without compromising efficiency or the environment.

One-click TTL/M Switch. Effortlessly toggle between TTL and manual mode with a single click. Whether in fast-paced events or high-standard shooting scenarios, seize every moment with confidence in any shooting environment with the V1Pro.

Fearless Against Time and Speed. The V1Pro is designed with an extra power port to seamlessly connect to Godox flash power pack like PB960, offering on more powering solution and an extra layer of assurance during fast-paced on-location shoots. It confidently tackles speed and endurance challenges, ensuring each capture exceeds expectations.

Even, Soft, Stable Light Effect. The round head lens design bestows uniform and soft light effects. Revel in consistent brilliance, maintaining a seamless blend of brightness and color temperature with every flash.

Previsulization for Perfection. Refine your lighting setup with adjustable LED modeling lights. Featuring a 10-level adjustable modeling light, it ensures precision in every capture, significantly elevating your shooting efficiency.

Wireless Transmission and Reception. V1Pro supports 2.4G wireless transmission and reception, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with other Godox flashes in your arsenal. Craft your unique lighting narratives with diverse lighting setups at ease.

A Legacy of Expertise. V1Pro undergoes a comprehensive upgrade in its flash head structure, ensuring lasting reliability and unwavering light quality. From beginners to experts, V1Pro promises to be your companion throughout your photography journey.

Godox Round Head Accessory Integration.
Open the door to boundless creativity with compatibility with all Godox round flash head accessories. Explore, experiment, and redefine what´s possible with your photography. For example: AK-R1, AK-R21, AK-R22.

Unleash Your Creation With V1Pro.