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DP600III-C – Studio flash kit (2xDP600III & accessories)


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Godox DP600III-C Kit of 3 x DP600III and Accessories

The DP600III-C is a kit of 2 x DP600III-M studio flash units and accessories.

The power of the studio flash unit is 600 Ws.

The guide number is 76.

The colour temperature is 5600 K (+/- 200 K).

The flash unit operates in Manual mode. In Manual flash mode, the power can be set from 1/64 to full flash.

The flash unit operates wirelessly in the Godox 2.4 GHz Wireless X-System with 32 channels and 16 groups. Various transmitters are available in the Godox range for wireless control.

The flash unit has a 150 W modeling light, a slave mode S1/S2 for cameras with pre-flash and an illuminated LC display.

The flash duration is 1/2000 – 1/800 sec.

On the front of the flash unit there is a Bowens accessory holder. This allows all Godox accessories with a Godox bayonet to be used with the flash unit.

At the bottom of the flash unit there is a tiltable tripod mount.

The studio flash kit comes with 2 x studio flash units DP600III-M (each with flash tube, modelling lamp, protection cover and 5 m mains cable) as well as with 2 x light stand 303, 1 x softbox SB-BW80120, 1 x studio umbrella UB-004-101 (black/white, 101 cm), 1 x barn door with colour filter and honeycomb attachment BD-04, 1 x trigger XT-16 and 1 x trolley CB-01.