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Godox SL150W LED Video Ligh


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Godox SL series video light provides high brightness and good colour reproduction with powerful LED beads. It creates stаble light source and uniform lighting for video recording, product photography, wedding photography, etc.
This 150W LED guarantees high brightness. The color rendering index is over 93 and R9 is over 80, the objects are authentic.
Wireless Control: With 433MHz wireless system, SL150W can be controlled by RC-A5 within at least 20 meters. It has group system so you can have 6 groups and 16 channels controlled.
Professional heat dissipation and temperature control function: SL150W is equipped with premium heat sink to help heat dissipation. It is also equipped with an almost silent built-in fan, which makes heat dissipation excellent.
Standard Bowens Mount: Wide compatible with accessories such as soft box, reflector and beauty shots