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Ulanzi TT43 Lightweight Reverse Folding Light Stand


Laos (saab järeltellida)



The ideal travel partner. The Ulanzi TT43 Lightweight Reverse Folding Light Stand is made of 180° aluminium with reversible legs. It is a compact and portable travel tripod suitable for any creative person. With a maximum height of 190 cm, it is very versatile and the 1/4‘ to 3/8’ Screw Adapter makes it compatible with many accessories.

Easily portable design
Adjustable height range up to a maximum of 190 cm
Carrying capacity of up to 6 kg
Easily portable design
With 3 inverted folding legs, TT43 is portable and easy to store after use.

Adjustable height range
TT43 has telescopic legs and a centre column for an extended height range from 76 cm to 190 cm.

3 Angle stop system
Each of the legs can be adjusted to 3 different spread angles, making shooting from the ground easier than ever.

High carrying capacity
The strong aluminium alloy supports lamps and other accessories weighing up to 6 kg.

Wide compatibility
The 1/4’ threaded bolt accommodates a wide range of devices, including LED video lights and trays.

Material: Aluminium alloy, plastic
Weight: 825g ± 10g
Dimensions: 43 x 8.6 x 8.6 cm
Folded up: 43 cm
Height (with one leg section extended): 76-165 cm
Height (with two legs extended): 103-190 cm
Min height: 45 cm
Max load capacity: 6 kg

In the box
1 x Ulanzi TT43 Lightweight Reverse Folding Light Stand
2 x hexagonal key