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Colorama 2.72 x 11 Arctic White, background paper for photography. The background is mounted on a stable paper core. Colorama background paper gives very little reflection and is made of strong paper which gives good durability. The background can be mounted on a wall or ceiling with Colorama Roll Easy. Colorama background paper is made of 90% recycled paper.

Swatch Colorama Background Paper Arctic White 65
Please note: The variations in colour rendition by different monitors and browsers mean that the colour chart on this page can only be a rough guide to the actual colours. To give an indication of the color and shade of Colorama Background paper, the value in Adobe RGB is provided in each and one of the sample images. To reproduce colors correctly, it is required a browser or image program that handles colors and a professional monitor calibrated in Adobe RGB and with the white point set to 6500K (or exactly after the light source the background will be illuminated by shooting). For absolutely correct assessment of colors, a Colorama Color Map (Swatch) is required, which is viewed in the same light conditions as when shooting. Colorama Color Map can be ordered at our customer service.

Colorama is a world leader in background paper and the most popular photo background among professional photographers worldwide. Choose from over 50 different colors and shades in several widths and lengths. Aifo AB stocks all colors and purchases to ensure fast availability for photographers throughout the Nordic region.