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Godox SA-02 60mm Lens for Projection Attachment


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Godox Lens 60mm. The interchangeable Godox Telephoto Lens 60mm for Godox S30 Focusing Light for projection mount is one of three lenses specially designed for the Godox S30 Focusing LED Light.

The lens is of special value in situations where the combination of light and projection attachment cannot be placed closer or must be used unobtrusively at a distance.

Ideal for remote use
Focal length of 60mm
Especially for Godox S30 Focusing Light

In the box
Godox Lens 60mm

Designed for Godox S30 LED lamp to give the possibility of precise control over the light beam.
The 60mm lens is of special value in tight quarters or in situations where you have to position the light/Projection Attachment combination up close, yet still have to cover a wide area.
The lens is light and handy, and its assembly does not cause any problems.
Compatible with Godox SA-P1 projection attachment and Godox S30 LED lamp.


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