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Softbox GODOX SB-GUBW6090 umbrella grid 60x90cm rectangular


Laos (saab järeltellida)



Softbox GODOX SB-GUBW6090 umbrella grid 60x90cm rectangular. GODOX SB-UBW series is a family of softboxes stands out by their short folding and unfolding time. It is a light modifier that will be useful for people who often change their workplace and perform their sessions under time pressure or have little space for storage. Mounted on a tripod by a typical umbrella handle.

The GODOX series SB-GUBW softbox not only saves valuable time, but also makes it easier to work on the set. This is possible thanks to the frame, which uses the principle of the umbrella. The plating fabric is stretched and held in tension by a structure whose rods are made of elastic steel. Mounted to a tripod with a lamp in a very comfortable way, like an umbrella.

If necessary, the softbox can be folded and stored in the case in a few seconds.

The plating is made of a rip-stop nylon fabric, softboxes are very resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time very light. The interior is finished with a silver screen that evenly distributes the light on the diffuser. In the front part there is a collar used to mount the honeycomb (included). In the bottom part of the softbox there is a zip closing the hole through which the tripod protruding.

Set contains:
GODOX SB-GUBW6090 softbox with the necessary accessories
external diffuser
original packaging