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Softbox Godox Bowens Mount with grid 30x120cm


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The Godox Softbox Bowens Mount + grid 30x120cm is a softbox that is equipped with a Bowens mount, so you can use the softbox with any studio flash with a Bowens mount. A softbox spreads the light in a nice, even way. In this way, all kinds of subjects can be captured without a hard drop shadow. A grid is used to control the scattering of the light. This can be especially helpful in smaller spaces. The soft light of the softboxes is not affected and you have more control over the direction of the light. The fabric grid has a Velcro strip on the side, making it very easy to attach the grid to the softbox.

Soft, even light without cast shadows
Can be used with any studio flash with Bowens mount
Grid for directing light and less light scattering
Velcro strip on the side of the grid

Set contains:
GODOX SB-FW30120 softbox with the necessary accessories
external diffuser
internal diffuser
original packaging


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