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Nanlilte Parabolic Softbox 120cm Easy up


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120cm easy-up parabolic softbox. Ideal for portraits, commercial photography, videography and interviews.

This 120cm parabolic softbox is ideal for portraits, commercial photography, videography and interviews. The speed ring is a standard Bowens fit, meaning that this softbox can be used with any light featuring a standard Bowens Mount, including the NanLite Forza and FS series (also the Forza 60 / 60B when used in conjuction with the Bowens Mount adapter, sold separately).

The depth of this lighting modifier makes the light decrease slightly from the centre to the edge allowing for decreased light spill and easy feathering. It is ideal for illuminating large areas from a distance. The materials used are resistant to high temperatures and are highly reflective, engineered for use with continuous lights.

This is the easy up version of the 120cm softbox, designed for fast set up. The 16 supporting umbrella rods are integrated with the speed ring, and just require a twist and pull to self-lock into place.

An eggcrate-style fabric grid is available and sold separately for even greater directionality and light control.

Attaches to the Nanlite Forza and FS series via the S-Type (Bowens) mount attachment.


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