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Caruba Lantern Softbox 85cm


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The Caruba Lantern Softbox is perfect for creating soft and even light that spreads in all direction. With a 270° beam angle, the softbox is perfect to use for video recording, live streaming and film making. Equipped with a Bowens mount, the Lantern is compatible with any Bowens mount.

The Caruba Lantern is easy to set up, making it a quick solution on stage or on location.

For further control, Caruba provides a 4 sections skirt (sold separately) that helps you to avoid unwanted bouncing light. The Softbox is delivered in her handy carrying bag.

Beam spread angle of 270°
Bowens mount
Fast, simple setup
Optional skirts for beam spread control

In the box
Caruba Collapsible Lantern Softbox
Carry Case