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Quadralite Collapsible Reflector w/Grip 5in1 90x120cm


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Quadralite Collapsible Reflector w/Grip 5in1 90x120cm. The reflector is one of the simplest and most useful light modifiers. It is used both inside the photo studio and outside – outdoors. It is useful not only to photographers but also filmmakers regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.

Quadralite reflector 5in1 is an excellent tool for modeling light in all conditions, enclosed in one small cover. It has up to five light-modifying surfaces, which means it can be quickly and easily adapted to the needs.

Thanks to the use of two opposite handles, the reflector allows comfortable grip, even in adverse conditions during demanding outdoor sessions. The handle with grooves adapted to the hand makes the grip comfortable and the handle stable. The handles also allow easier and faster fixing of the reflector not only on dedicated stands and clamps, but also on all daily use items that allow hanging the reflector.

Quadralite reflector offers five surfaces:

white (satin) – allows you to get very diffused and soft light, ideally suited to fill shadows, is color neutral and can be successfully used as a background,
silver (mirror) – does not scatter the light like a white screen and allows for contrasting lighting, does not change the color temperature of the light, can be successfully used as both a main and effect light source,
silver-gold – it is covered with a characteristic pattern of alternating gold and silver stripes, it gives a contrasting light with a warmer color than the silver screen, which makes it perfect for portrait photos, emphasizing the warm tones of the skin of photographed people, it is much more useful than ordinary gold screens,
diffusive – it is a white screen, transmitting a soft and highly diffused light, can be used to soften the light falling from a flash or sun, does not change the color of the light passing through it,
black – reduces light reflection and can act as a valve to limit light propagation or work as a black background.
The set contains:

Quadralite reflector with handle 5in1 90x120cm
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