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Godox color temperature adjustment set V-11T


Laos (saab järeltellida)



A set of gel filters used to adjust the color temperature of the flash. Godox has developed a set of advanced gel filters to help photographers adjust the color balance of daylight, or to warm or cool color of flash light.

Invaluable help. Whether you´re shooting indoors using mixed lights or outside at sunset, the neutral color of the flash will look too cool – and fixing it in the post process is hard and time-consuming. Adjustment the color temperature of a flash has never been easier with Godox V-11T gel filters.

Colors in set:
Orange colors: Sun CTO, 1/2 CTO, 1/4 CTO, oraz 1/8 CTO
Blue colors: Full CTB, 1/2 CTB, 1/4 CTB, oraz 1/8 CTB
Green colors: Plusgreen, 1/2 Plusgreen, 1/4 Plusgreen, oraz 1/8 Plusgreen
Pink colors: Minusgreen, 1/2 Minusgreen, 1/4 Minusgreen, oraz 1/8 Minusgreen

The set consists of four shades of four different colors, two of each, i.e. a total of 32 gel filters.

Compatibility. Filters can be used with round head flashes like AD100Pro or V1. Also, can be used with AK-R1 Kit or AK-R16. Diameter 62mm.

In the set:
– 32 gel filters
– Original packaging