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PGYTECH Adhesive mount for sports cameras P-GM-126


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With the self adhesive sports camera mount, you will capture every important shot. The mount can be attached to flat as well as curved surfaces to capture moving shots. It even works on surfaces such as, helmet or dashboards.

Mount fits sports cameras such as, GoPro, Insta One R / X / X2, X3, Osmo Pocket / Pocket 2 and Osmo Action.

The mounting base is very easy to remove, making it ideal if you frequently change the locations you are recording. You also don´t have to remove the base every time, you can leave it attached for faster camera application in the future.

The attachment switch can tilt and rotate 360° so that even the smallest detail will not escape your attention while recording. The knob is convenient, it helps you to fasten and unfasten the mount. The sports camera adhesive mount uses a release pin, so you can fasten and unfasten the mount easily and quickly.

The mounting base is glued with a strong tape that sticks well to any smooth surface. You can also use a safety cord for added protection, in case the camera might fall. The mount is made of high quality aluminum and plastic, making the product durable and long lasting.

Action Camera Adhesive Mount
Ball head with 1/4 “thread
Curved mounting base
Safety base
Flat mounting base
VHB strap for mounting base
VHB strap for mounting base
VHB strap for security base
VHB strap for security base
Security cable