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Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick 114cm


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Asendamatu kaaslane Insta360 seikluskaameratele. Endlikepike on fotodel ja videotel automaatselt nähtamatu.

Create even more interesting shots from a third-person perspective. Just use the Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick and then remove it from your footage with the right software! The accessory is extremely lightweight, yet durable – it can accompany you almost anywhere. What´s more, when unfolded, its length is as long as 114cm, allowing you to fit everything you want into the frame!

Do you want to create an original shot imitating drone footage? Or maybe you care about capturing your crazy skiing from an unusual perspective? The Invisible Selfie Stick will help you do just that! Simply record a video and then remove the accessory from it using special software. It only takes a few clicks!

Are you going on vacation? Or are you planning a winter ski trip? Take the selfie stick with you! The accessory was created from high-quality aluminum alloy and is extremely lightweight, and when folded, its length is only about 23cm. So you can always have it with you! The product is also very durable – it will stably hold the camera even in the most demanding scenarios.

Use your selfie stick the way you want. You can adjust its length in the range of about 23-114cm. This means you can effortlessly capture the beauty of the landscape, fit your friends into the frame or record your snowboarding showdowns from a unique perspective. What´s more, the improved mechanism with shock absorbing springs allows for smooth, convenient unfolding and folding of the selfie stick.